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As a team of dedicated medical malpractice experts, we dig deep on every single case to leave no stone unturned. Over the last decade, we have unearthed a careful and dedicated process, one that has helped Bounds Law Group recover hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

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Dear Mr. Tress,

I am so grateful for your time and help throughout my care. I am very lucky to receive the professional support you and your team have provided. It has helped me tremendously. I never thought my wrist injury could have resulted in anything positive, but you made that possible. Thank you. Mr. Tress.

Dear Mr. Bounds,

Thank you very much for accepting my case. I am very fortunate to have received the help pf you and your firm. Your service has brought me relief and joy, as I could have never imagined my wrist resulting in something positive. Thank you for making that possible.

Dear Clancey, John, Aida, and Bounds Law Group,

Thank you so much for your time, effort, and generosity. We are very grateful for your help.

Dear Clancey,

Thank you so much for your help. We are very grateful for everything you have done for A.

Hello, Good afternoon.

Yesterday, I received the check for the settlement of my case, and I want to extend my infinite thanks to the Bounds Laws Group, especially to Mr. Brent Smith for advising me and resolving my case during this time, nothing easy for me. I feel quite pleased to have finished this stage of my life and now to move forward for a good future.

Thank you so much for everything

Dearest Ming,

Thank you for your hard work with this battle. While I did not meet you personally, you have a special place in my heart as you fought hard for my brother. I also thank you for your gentleness with my mom and Greg as they went through these tough times. You are deeply appreciated, and will never be forgotten by our family. I drew this picture of Jake for you to keep; may it forever remind you if his lively soul that lives on within us. Godspeed as you continue to fight for what is right. Peace and love, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Mr. Bounds,

I would like to thank you for looking into my case. I take it that everything is as good as I can expect. If I hear of anyone who can use your services, I will have them call you. Thank again.

PS. I think you are a nice person – lots of luck.

Dear Brent and Clancey,

What a nice surprise the other day when I checked my bank account. Thank you and also Kelli and Christie for the hard work and guidance through this. So much of the time I felt like a “deer caught in the headlights” but, you both were able to explain the reason for your thinking is a clear and understanding way. I appreciate that. Sincerely,

Thank you for your willingness to look into our case. We really do appreciate it.

I want to thank everyone at Bounds Law Group for their kindness, sympathy, and thoughtfulness upon the passing of my husband. Thank you so much for the big Peace Lily Plant. It is lovely.

Dear Clancey and Brent,

I want to thank both you and your team for all the work on Bill’s case. I really wish we had never needed your services but I am very grateful you were there for us. I hope you have much success and are able to fit in some time for fun with your busy schedule. The number one thing I learned from this I think is not to take tomorrow for granted. If you ever need a recommendation please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again and the very best to you all.

I wanted to say thank you again for all your help and experience. Please let your staff know that their compassion does not go unnoticed. They are a great asset to your firm. While I doubt that our paths will ever cross again, I want to wish you and your family all the best.

To Attorneys Bounds, Smith, and Staff

I appreciate your taking on my case and working diligently on my behalf.

Words cannot express my appreciation to you for bringing justice and closure for my Debra and myself.

Dear Ming,

Your presence in my life over the past year and a half has brought me some peace and comfort. You have always handled the affairs concerning our Jake delicately, yet confidently. You are a wonderful attorney and a kind man. I’ll always hold you dear in my heart. Jake would have turned 28 on December 22nd. Thank you for your deep involvement in his case. God Bless you, Ming, to you and your family. Thank you Ming for your dedication to our family and meaningful work.

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